Pastor John E. Russell
Senior Pastor
Downriver Christian Community Church
Melvindale, Michigan

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guest Speaker: Craig Fasler

We had a guest speaker at church this past weekend. It was great to see Craig after close to 10 years! The weekend started out a little rough with a call I received telling me that Craig's flight had been canceled. Originally, Craig had been scheduled to arrive at 11:00am, but that time was changed to arriving at 6:40pm. This would be cutting it close, but still not too bad as we would arrive at the Young Adult meeting a few minutes late but they could hold off for us and all would be well. However, as the day wore on, the flight time changed five or six more times, and Craig didn't end up arriving until after 9:00pm when the meeting should have been winding down. I guess God had different plans.

We arrived at the Young Adult meeting around 9:30pm, and instead of finding a tired, bored group, we entered into a crowd of enthusiastic, on fire, excited young people. God had been working mightily. Many had already been touched, and one young lady had given her heart to the Lord.

As soon as Craig began to speak, God turned up the fire a notch. Before the night was through, everyone was stirred up by the Word and some challenging videos. Some of our young folks and some not so young had been prayed for and healed and that set the stage for the next day. Saturday morning everyone came ready to learn and then go out into the streets and to the stores to share the Lord and pray for people. More great testimonies!

Sunday proved to be an equally amazing day. Craig was in rare form and spoke on evangelism in a way that touched everyone's hearts as well as our funny bones. Some of the personal stories he shared moved many to tears, but in his own unique way he soon had us laughing again even though he was challenging us at the same time. 

Sunday on the way to dinner, Carolyn, Craig, and I stopped off at the hospital to visit and pray for a member of our church. While we were at the hospital, we ended up praying for a couple of other people, and one was very interested in coming out to church when he was released.

Dinner was at Outback, and there we witnessed and did the two-question test to our waitress and the manager who both promised to read a salvation tract before going to bed that night.

When all was said and done, I heard nothing but good reports about the whole weekend. I'll tell you what, Craig never stops. What you saw on Sunday goes on seven days a week for him.

I hope you were touched and challenged to go out and spread the Good News that only we, as Christians, possess.

Love in Christ,
Pastor John

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